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  • Most users save 20+ hours per project, enhancing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Use the right app to maximize your project accuracy and efficiency at every construction phase.
  • Harness the power of all RedX tools with just one click, transforming the construction process.
  • Save time and increase precision every time you build, with intelligent design features, both for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

RedX Apps has you covered.

With support for countless construction projects and designs, it's never been easier to streamline your building process - in the United States, Canada, and everywhere else. Let RedX Apps be your essential tool for construction efficiency and accuracy.d.




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What are people saying?

I really like the hip rafter builder, I find it easier to use than then other calculator.

Oscar (App Store)

I recently used the app to build a gazebo roof. It’s just amazing, everything came out perfect. Thank you.

Guero199091 (App Store)

Very simple to use, determine rafter lengths, pitch & rise, cuts & angles. Much easier than using square alone. Clear diagrams, A headache reducer. Thank you!

JimB (App Store)

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Josh Lefebvre

Founder & Developer

From hammering nails to building apps, he went from a full-time carpenter to a self-taught app developer. Today, he is dedicated full-time to building innovative construction apps, making construction easier for everyone.