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How To Build a Dormer Using The RedX Roof App

There are several ways to calculate dormer walls. I'll cover a great way, which uses the RedX Roof App to automatically calculate every measurement and create an interactive 3D model.

The image below is an example of a 3D dormer app will create:

3D Dormer model builder using RedX Roof App

Measurements Required

Here is the information you will need to enter into the app:

  • Wall Height: Enter the total height of the front wall, from the upper top plate to the lowest point of the wall.
  • Roof Pitch Dormer Sits On: Enter the Roof Pitch (or roof angle) of the roof that the dormer will sit on.
  • Stud Spacing: Enter the spacing of the wall studs, the horizontal distance from one stud center to another.
  • Wall Depth: Enter the depth of the front wall. For example, a 2x4 wall would have a depth of 3 1/2 inches.

With these measurements entered into the app, the app will automatically generate a plan of the dormer with all the necessary measurements.

Dormer Cut List

Here is the cut list the app generates for you. It includes just about every measurement you can think of, including all the wall plates, studs and rafters.

Dormer framing cut list for roof and walls

Zoom In

With the interactive viewer in the RedX Roof App, you can zoom in to reveal more measurements. Double tap on the plan or use two fingers to zoom in on the dormer for a closer look at the details.

Generate A Dormer PDF Blueprint

To generate a PDF blueprint of the dormer, tap on the Share button above the dormer plan. This will create a PDF version that you can save, print or email.

create a dormer blueprint plan using the redx roof app


As you can see, the RedX Roof app makes it super easy to get every single measurement and rafter detail to build an irregular hip roof or a same-pitch hip roof. There are lots of other great features like Valley Builder, Rafter Calculator, Turret Roof Builder, Plywood Angles and others.

Do you think this is something that you would use?

Thanks to all of you who made it this far!