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How To Build Tall Wall Blueprints With The RedX Walls App

Creating detailed and precise tall wall plans can be challenging, but the RedX Walls app simplifies the process. This tutorial will guide you through the easiest method I've found using the app, making it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. With the RedX Walls app, you can efficiently design wall plans that meet your specific requirements.

RedX Walls tall wall plan

Measurements Required

Here is the information you will need to enter into the app:

  • Stud Height
  • Wall Length
  • Stud Spacing

With these three measurements, the app will create a basic tall wall. RedX Walls basic wall blueprint plan

Adding Components

To add components, press the Add Items to Wall button. You can add various components such as:

  • Window
  • Door
  • Intersecting Wall
  • Point Load
  • Beam Pocket
  • Corner Backing
  • Upper Top Plate
  • Wall Blocking
  • Wall Sheathing adding components to a wall redx walls app

For this tutorial i will add a window, upper top plate and wall sheathing.

Customize Window Opening

After adding the window opening, you can customize its:

  • Window Width
  • Window Height
  • Distance from Wall Start
  • Top of Window (height from the bottom of the wall to the top of the window)
  • Number of Jack Studs
  • Header Details
  • Window Radius (for curved windows)
  • Window Angle (for angled windows)

Save the window preset if you plan to use it in other walls.

Customize Upper Top Plate

Once added, you can change the:

  • Distance from Wall Start
  • Distance from Wall End
  • Upper Top Plate Thickness

Customize Wall Blocking

After adding wall blocking, adjust the:

  • Vertical distance between rows of blocking

Viewing the Cut List

After adding the components, you can view the cut list. This list provides:

  • The label of each component
  • The quantity
  • The lumber size
  • The usage label (e.g., STUD)

tall Wall cut list with blocking and sheathing double stud RedX Walls

The Cut List Includes

  • Upper Top Plate Lengths
  • Window Sill Plate Length
  • Wall Bottom Plate Length
  • Wall Blocking Measurements

Important Notes

Under the Notes section, you will find:

  • The square diagonal measurement
  • First stud center measurement
  • Stud spacing measurement

You can add more notes as needed when you save and export the blueprint.

Generating the Final Blueprint

Once you've added and customized all your components, the RedX Walls app will generate the final blueprint for your wall. This comprehensive blueprint includes all the details and measurements you've input, ensuring accuracy for your construction project.

You can utilize the blueprint in several ways to suit your workflow:

  • Email: Easily send the blueprint to yourself or your team.
  • Print: Create a physical copy for on-site reference.
  • Save: Store the blueprint within the app for future use.

These features streamline your workflow and ensure your plans are always accessible.

Final wall blueprint RedX Walls with blocking and window opening


I hope this tutorial helped you understand how to create tall wall plans with the RedX Walls app. Try building your own custom wall and explore other features like Rake Walls, Stair Walls, and Straight Walls.

Happy building!