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How To Calculate Corner Deck Stairs With The RedX Stairs App

Designing corner deck stairs can be challenging, but with the RedX Stair App, the process becomes efficient and precise. This guide will help you understand how to use the app to calculate and customize your corner deck stairs, focusing on key components like jack stringers and hip stringers.

Measurements Required

Gather the following information to enter into the app:

  • Stair Total Rise: The vertical distance the stairs will cover.
  • Number of Risers: The total number of steps in the staircase.
  • Top Tread Width: The width of the top tread.
  • Stair Connection Type: Choose from different connection types:
    • Top Tread Down: The tread sits on top of the stringer.
    • Flush Half Tread: The tread is flush with the top edge of the stringer but extends halfway over.
    • Flush Full Tread: The tread is completely flush with the stringer edge. Stair Connection Type redx stairs app

Tread Details

Customize the tread details:

  • Tread Thickness: The thickness of each tread.
  • Riser Thickness: The thickness of each riser.
  • Nosing Width: The width of the nosing on each tread.

Setting The Stair Angle

Entering any of these three values will set the stair angle:

  • Stair Angle: The angle of the stair incline.
  • Single Step Run: The horizontal distance of each step.
  • Stair Total Run: The total horizontal distance covered by the stairs.

Visualizing and Finalizing Your Design

As you make adjustments, the 3D stair plan updates in real-time. This feature allows you to see the measurements and design instantly, ensuring all changes are accurate and meet your expectations.

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Cut List

The app generates a detailed cut list that includes:

  • Hip Stringer
  • Common Stringer
  • Jack Stringer

You can select any component from the cut list to view the specific plan and dimensions, ensuring precise measurements for every part of your staircase.

Exporting Your Blueprint

Once you're satisfied with your design, the app generates a detailed blueprint. This blueprint includes all necessary measurements and building instructions. You can easily email, print, or export the blueprint directly from the app, making it convenient to share with contractors or use on-site during construction.

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Using the RedX Stair App, you can efficiently calculate and design corner deck stairs, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Explore the app's features to customize your design with jack stringers, hip stringers, and more to meet your specific needs.

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